sitting on the dock of the bay (day two & three)

brother sister ocean beach monterey carmel
Yesterday, I was thinking about how this blog slipped away from me and I never shared the rest of the photos from our family trip to Monterey last summer. It's 2014 now and these are really late, but better late than never, right? Here are a few of my favorites. I took so many photos at the beaches in Monterey and Carmel. I'm never not mesmerized by the ocean. I loved visiting the little lighthouse near our hotel, too. The inside was just as charming as the outside!

I'll be posting a quick happy new year post later with some thoughts about the last year and my hopes for this one.


  1. You take soo beautiful pictures!! CONGRATS! besides your blog it's so nice to look at :D

    Beatriz | Classy and Trendy

  2. Your blog is actually so lovely I can't hardly cope!! PLEASE keep blogging, your photos are so beautiful, I want to see more from you!! xx

  3. love these pics so lovely


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