Hello! Welcome to Sincerely, Brittany. I am so glad you are here! You can read all about me and my blog here. Quite a few helpful answers to questions asked in the past can be found in the FAQ, but if you have one that hasn't been answered yet, I love receiving email from my readers, so don't be shy about asking questions. (Or sending a simple "hello!" is always welcome, too.) The easiest way to navigate my blog is by using the archive, where you can look through posts by topic.

Maybe one of my posts was linked at another blog or perhaps you stumbled upon my link in a Google search, but somehow you ended up here and now you are probably wondering what this blog is all about. Mostly, it is my way of appreciating the little things that make life beautiful. I share a peek in my life, practice my amateur photography skills, and probably make a few too many lists. In the future, I hope to share some traveling tales, how-to guides, and maybe even a few food-related adventures.

Sincerely, Brittany is still in its first stages of blog life, so there aren't too many posts for you to look back through. I am also (self-admittedly) not the most consist blogger, but I'm getting better! Here are some of my favorite posts so far are my New Year's resolutions for 2013, my summer 2012 manifesto, a short recap of my twentieth birthday, and a few photos of my trip to Monterey.

I hope you decide to grab a cup of hot chocolate (or tea/coffee), put up your feet, and stay a while!
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