plus seal toys from ikea
mint chocolate chip cookies and a book about leadership
neutrogena make-up, victoria's secret clutch, and gwen stefani vogue january issue
white flats from target shoes
1. Aren't these plush seals the cutest things you've ever seen? I saw them when I went on an Ikea shopping trip with my mom earlier this week. I just love that store. // 2. A plate full of cookies and a book to read before classes begin. It isn't a book I would choose to read in my free time, but it is teaching me a lot about myself, so I'm enjoying it. // 3. Makeup (I am a Neutrogena fanatic), a new Victoria's Secret clutch (only $10!), and the January issue of Vogue. // 4. On our way home from looking for a birthday cake at Whole Foods for Tuesday. I can't believe I'm turning 20! // 5. New shoes. I can't wait to wear them with my navy dress to my aunt's baby shower next weekend.

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